You could lose ALL of your money investing in this product.

This product is a High Risk Investment and is much riskier than a savings account.

Business Overview


SBS is focussed on working with companies in the private sector, bringing them into the mainstream market via a listing on a secondary market, as well as offering multilateral trading capabilities such as the Bloomberg Total Open Market System (TOMS) utilised by millions of investors worldwide. This means that companies visible on Bloomberg TOMS have access to liquidity for their shareholders as well as future fund-raising potential.

Supporting this process, SBS has created the Electronic Asset Enablement (“EAE”) Platform that supports a wide range of private limited companies, to enable their securities (including share, loans, warrants and debentures) to be electronically compatible via CREST for purchase or sale to cover fundraising capabilities.

Through the SBS partnership with JP Jenkins and Bloomberg, the percentage of revenue generated has increased from launch value in an upward valuation cycle. This allows companies to keep their costs down while at the same time providing a strong platform to raise funds and realise profits through secondary market liquidity.

Latest Trades

Date Units Traded Unit Price
30/12/22 1,000 £30
28/12/22 1,000 £30

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